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I like tattoos, piercings, art, photography, and vegan food.

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I mean… yeah.

But I’m also reblogging because of that GIF of House

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My notifications is rammed full of people still reblogging this photo set from ages ago!!


Vegans are made a mockery of constantly both in media and every day situations and meat eaters will have a good chuckle at it all but the second a vegan makes a joke about meat eaters suddenly its like “see this shit here this is why no one likes vegans”

You’re all a bunch of whiney babies.

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Animal welfare is the biggest bullshit ever.
Animal rights is the way to go. 
No ‘bigger cages’, no ‘free range’ or ‘organic’. It’s all part of the same exploitative system.
Animals are not products.
Animals have a right to live.
Animals are not ours to use or buy.

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Anonymous inquires :Hell with that anon your super cute they are just jealous 💋

Thank you lovely! 😘

fatassvegan thank you lovely! You’re cute as hell yourself!! (And your vegan food always looks amazing!!!) xxx
Anonymous inquires :You're fat and your bum is tiny lol

Nah, I am super cute and you are super jealous, lol :))))))))


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